VIPC-625 Dog Fast Detection Before Diarrhea Treatment Vet Visit, 2-in-1 at Home Cost-saving Test Kit for Dog Adoption,Boarding, Rescue,Rapid CPV & CCoV Pet Wellness Test for Puppies,1 Pack


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【Cost-Saving 2-in-1 Test Kit】: Suitable for all dog breeds and ages with upset tummy,fever,vomiting and cough, 70% of the most deadly infectious canine diseases can be detected with the test kit. Add it to your dog’s first aid kit, detect dog’s health at home before vet visit,less anxiety for dog,and may save hundreds of pounds for you.


【Reliable Results in 5 Mins】: Fast test at home and check the results on your cellphone! The accuracy of the test can reach 99% with results in 5 minutes. Same technology as used in vet clinics,a must-have at home detection kit even before taking diarrhoea treatment for dogs.


【Easy to Use】: Get the result in 5 easy steps, collect dog feces as specimen,follow the instruction by scanning the QR code on the package, mix,drop, and get the results.


【Multiple Use Cases】: Ideal to conduct a quick test before / after dog boarding,adoption, getting a new dog, or dog rescue. It is also helpful if there is a sudden weather change or if your dog has contact with animals in the wild.


【What You Get】: Healcan rapid test kit x1, Specimen tube x1, Disposable dropper x1, Sample collection swab x1, Instruction for use x1. Stored in room temperature. Regular health test is recommended even if your dogs have been vaccinated.

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