Multi-sample Focused Ultrasonicators BoFU 1600

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BoFU-1600 is a multi-sample Focused Ultrasonicators in the BoFU series, with 16 position well plates ,which can meet the needs of automatic and batch sample processing in large and medium-sized laboratories. Through precise software control and automated operation, it can not only batch processing, but also edit the number of samples and acoustic methods. It not only continues the advantages of BoFU series, such as easy- to- use and accurate stripe control, but also has higher throughput, more time-saving and labor-saving, and more user-friendly operation.

Equipment Parameters

Parameters/Model BoFU-1600
Dimensions 600mm*420mm*400mm(L*W*H)
Water bath volume 400ml
weight 30kg
Maximum power 100w
Number of samples 16
Sample volume 25ul-2ml
Preset parameters 10
Temperature 4℃-25℃±0.5℃
Mode Single/batch
Chiller External
Waste liquid storage Two weeks
Batch input Yes
Operation Touch screen

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