BoFU-100 Focused Ultrasonicator

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BoFU-100 focused ultrasonicator uses a high frequency confocal ultrasound system to transmit sound energy, which efficiently concentrates the acoustic energy to the sample . The BoFU system provides the shear force to meet the needs of genomics and proteomics research by adjusting the working mode of the ultrasonic generator. The temperature of the whole shearing process can be controlled, these processes are performed in an isothermal,non-contact environment, and no noise at the same time.

BoFU-100 eliminates the errors introduced by manual operation, improves repeatability and efficiency, meanwhile provides standardized results.

Equipment Parameters

Parameters/Model BoFU-100
Dimensions 390mm*400mm*330mm(L*W*H)
Water bath volume 160ml
weight 15kg
Maximum power 100w
Number of samples 1
Sample volume 25ul-2ml
Preset parameters 5
Temperature 4℃-25℃±0.5℃
Mode Single
Chiller Built-in
Waste liquid storage No
Batch input No
Operation Touch screen

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